Welcome to Leadhership School

A space for women to connect, heal and rise in their femininity


Dear Sister, 



Welcome here in this safe space where you are invited to discover and deepen the connection with your feminine nature.


If you found your way here, it is likely that you long for a way of living where you rise in harmony with your cyclical body rhythm,


your soft yet wild power and the voice stored deep within your sacred womb space.


Leadhership School is created to support you right there. Please find our offerings below.




Cycle Coaching & Workshops

Access to your feminine essence isn't far away. Once you understand the gifts and intelligence of your cyclical nature you tap into a true source of inner power and wisdom. This wisdom is accessible for all womxn, but rather, it is your very birthright. Because it is possible to live, work and love without compromising on your cycle & hormonal health.


During workshops and coaching trajectories you'll be offered practical tools to sync your life with your bodies' biorhythm. 


Womxn who consciously connect with their womb space experience more trust, rest, clarity, grounding and connection with themselves and with others. They become conscious creators, tapping into the harmonious flow of life with ease and a healthy sense of self awareness. 


Workshops and Circles will mainly be held in The Hague area but are also available in private, educational or company settings.


(*the term womxn is a gender inclusive way to include all humans identifying as feminine)

Coming up

Are you curious to learn more about your hormonal health & natural biorhythm? 


Are you yearning for a deeper connection with your inner source of power and creation?


Are you longing for a warm connection with other womxn, without sensing competition or distrust?  


Are you inspired to sense a stronger connection with nature and the elemental forces around you, but do you not yet know where and how to start?


Are you ready to invite more joy, relaxation, trust and flow into your life?


Then you are so welcome to connect here in the way that suits you right now: 


With much gratitude for walking alongside you,



Moon Letter