About me.


My name, Veerle, is derived from the old Germanic name Farahild. It means 'traveling warrioress for the feminine'. Little did I know about the meaning of my name until I started the healing journey that awakened the feminine in me from deep within.


As many people today, I have spent most of my life navigating in a masculine system of power. For many years power is defined exclusively in masculine terms. My idea of success and fulfillment was based on performance, logic, to do, to act, to accomplish and make things happen. I was working as a strategic consultant but no matter what clients, presentations or projects I landed, it didn't leave me really fulfilled. I felt disconnected from my body, operating mostly from the head. This left me without a clue of what being a connected, nourished, fulfilled woman in the 21st century could mean. 


In addition to that I have suffered for 10 years from the chronic womb pain disease Endometriosis. Endometriosis is a chronic disease around a womxn's womb for which there is no official cure yet. Symptoms can be treated with hormonal drugs or surgery, but both didn't feel like the right choice for me. I wanted to find the root cause and heal my body on a deeper level. When all of the above resulted into a burnout, I felt so strongly that something had to change. I needed to hear my inner guidance again, since I felt so off track. 


Since then I decided that my intuition was going to be my guide and with the help of amazing mentors along the way I was introduced to the magic of the menstrual cycle. My journey into the feminine started and I reconnected with my body and my womb. Within a few months my pain symptoms eased and soon after my periods were Endometriosis pain-free. Something my doctors wouldn't see possible. 


I believe that womxn can benefit greatly from living more in tune with their feminine cyclical nature. It healed me from burnout and endometriosis naturally and restored my health, brought calmness, trust, harmony and grounded grace back into my life.


The function and power of the womb space and womxn’s menstrual cycles are so important but still widely unknown and misunderstood. That's why I am passionate to lift the veil of taboo and rediscover the resourcefulness in womxn that we shouldn’t leave unused. What I wish for womxn is that they hear their inner voices of wisdom again. It is what I call Leadhership. And I am so excited to walk this journey alongside you.