Codes of Creation - What's in your blood?

Published on 12 June 2020 at 17:20

Bloody History.


For hundreds of years, women were taught that their menstrual blood is unholy, dirty, or belongs to the trash. But once we remember that our menstrual blood is actually our life force, making new life on earth possible, and learn about its incredible healing properties, we might be stunned by its potential use and how it can support us in creating the life we long for. 


At some point in history we stopped honoring menstrual blood and forgot about its magic. Knowing how powerful this sacred liquid is might have something to do with it. Let's remember a bit of Herstory, specifically the time in which the Church was actively chasing and condemning Witches (wise women) to death.


This happened mainly between the 14th and 18th century in Europe. Witches were seen as women who had such power that they could curse fields for bad harvest, or cause infertility in other women. Bad fortune that couldn't be explained made the highly suspicious and superstitious people point fingers at women with 'special powers'. 



A witch was often a wise woman, a healer, a medicine woman, deeply connected to the earth and the elements. Knowing how to work with the elements within and outside themselves made them powerful healers and manifestors.


Still today, and always, women have the innate connection with earth through their womb spaces and cycles that follow the earth's seasons and cycles. 


As Usha Anandi from Wombenwellness points out so well in this particular context is: "What cannot be controlled is often feared". Women's ability to cure and heal with the knowledge and resources they keep within their bodies scared the church and people at that time. It must have been magic. It must have been from the devil.


The seeds of shaming women's cycles and blood were planted there with the coming of patriarchal religion that imposed a separation between humans and earth. Luther and Calvijn, to mention a powerful few, were loud protagonists of witch burning and women being the embodiment of the devil. This sounds as ridiculous and old thinking, but the threads of that programming are still present today. 


Now, in our modern time healing is becoming a widely appreciated and honored craft. But let's look a little deeper into the amazing healing properties of our blood as practiced in ancient times, because healing is one of the things it can do (as modern science also starts to prove). In this blog post you'll read why, and how.


Your blood is worth gold. If you'd see your menstrual blood vibrationally it literally looks like liquid gold. It has incredible healing, health-informing, nurturing and even consciousness-altering properties (yes, like psychedelic drugs).


First I'll discuss its astonishing properties - supported by science, we'll continue looking into how our blood gives us a health report each month, then we cover how it shows us how we're doing energy-wise and how it can be used as a powerful manifestation tool. 


Are you ready? 


First things first. Speaking of properties, your menstrual flow contains everything to safely construct a new healthy human. Here are some of the building blocks that made you:

- fats 

- carbohydrates

- sugars

- proteins (and lots of 'em)

- immune-modulating compounds (they are like a class of 'natural drugs' that help to activate, boost, or restore normal immune function)

- hormonal growth factors

- minerals (particularly potassium and phosphorus)

- antioxidants such as vitamin E (often found in youth enhancing cremes)

- natural antimicrobial substances (like a natural antibiotic)


For the ancient alchemists, menstrual blood was related to immortality. It was ingested during ritual and medical treatments for longevity, put on wounds or scars to heal and mixed for medicine. The alchemists found out what modern science now starts to embrace: menstrual blood would slow down the process of aging because it contains the properties to stimulate cell building and renewal, in the purest most effective form. Stem cells play a big role in this, which we will look into further on in this article. 


Knowing this, it might make sense why menstrual blood is also used for facial masks and put on scratches. From personal experience I can say: It works miracles. And I love to connect with my body this way. It's a very intimate ritual, allowing me to normalize my amazing body functions. 


Your Hormonal Health Check

The colors and structure of our blood tell us a lot about our endocrine (hormonal) health. 


Bright Red flow

When your blood flow comes easily on the first or second day of menstruation, in a bright cranberry red color, without cloths in it, it shows a healthy hormonal balance and period. The flow will build up being heavier on day 2 or 3 of your cycle and then slowly getting lighter again. 


Brownish Maroon flow

If the color of your blood is brownish, it could mean your progesterone levels are low. Progesterone is produced by the body mainly in the luteal phase of the cycle (after ovulation until menstruation) to make the lining of the uterus thicken and prepare for a possible pregnancy. 


Some natural ways to support the balance of your progesterone levels are:

  1. Getting enough sleep. Getting enough rest is specifically important for our hormonal health in the luteal phase of the cycle (after ovulation), because in this phase the body usually needs more rest than in the follicular phase (before ovulation).
  2. Eating enough cholesterol & healthy fats (like, fish, avocado and nuts)
  3. Castor oil packing (I'll share more on this here on the blog!)
  4. Seed cycling (same!)
  5. Vitamin B6 


Old Blood & Pelvic Alignment

However, if on the first days of menstruation old brownish blood flows first before the bright red flow follows, it could be the case that the position of the uterus is somewhat tilted, decreasing both the internal blood flow to your vital organs and the blood flow of menstruation. Blood flow, both internal as external during menstruation, is Life Force Energy. Our organs need fresh blood in order to function fully and properly. The position of our pelvic floor supports the proper blood flow to the pelvic organs like the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes.


The bones of the pelvic floor set the foundation for the rest of our body. If the bones are out of alignment, this means that the rest of the soft tissue structures and muscles are likely to be out of alignment as well. The womb moves in and out of alignment, based on the shape of the rest of our body. You can compare it with a bowl or cup (pelvic bones) holding water (the womb). If the womb is in a tilted position because our pelvic floor is either tucked in (posterior) or leaning forward (anterior) the flow of blood is decreased and blood can stay in getting 'old' and turning into this brownish color. Paying attention to your posture or an abdominal massage by a trained massage therapist can help your womb getting back in an aligned position so the energy can flow freely again.


Light pink flow

An indicator for low estrogen is very light bleeding with a light pink color, often with long cycles in between (longer than 35 days). Estrogen is the hormone that is primarily responsible for the sexual development in girls when they reach puberty and for the ripening of an egg for ovulation. Young girls that do not menstruate yet and women approaching menopause generally have lower estrogen levels. This natural nourisher of our female sexuality and fertility is produced in the ovaries and can get low because of over-exercising, malnourishment or ovarian cysts. Symptoms similar to menopause come up when there is an estrogen deficiency, such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness and headaches.  


Dark Purple flow

Womxn who experience a very dark, almost blackish heavy flow in combination with pains and unease usually suffer a lot during their pre-menstrual and/or menstrual phase. This points at an endocrine imbalance regarding high estrogen levels and it can be wise to have a check on PCOS and/or Endometriosis. Cycle tracking can help a lot to recognize your bodies' needs. By listening to those needs and making space during the pre-menstrual and menstrual phase for serious self care can ease symptoms and rebalance your hormones. (Personal note: Cycle tracking and adjusting my days according to my bodies' needs eased my endometriosis pains tremendously!)


Cycle tracking is a beautiful base to become fluent in the language of your body. When you suffer from dis-ease though you can support your body tremendously by nourishing it with wholesome, healing foods. A lot of people, disregarding gender, have an estrogen dominance due to the many additives, toxins and hormones added in our food supply. Fortunately there is a lot of good dietary information available for womxn with estrogen dominance, especially by hormonal health expert Alisa Vitti in her book 'Woman Code'. A must have for womxn who struggle with their hormonal health, PCOS or Endometriosis.


Next Chapter: Stem Cells.

Ready to have your mind blown? 


"Modern science has just discovered what the ancients have known for hundreds of thousands of years: menstrual blood is rich with these incredibly potent stem cells., which have the power to renew, regenerate, and create life. (…) They can regenerate and repair damaged tissues in our body in miraculous ways that science would have previously called impossible. Research has shown that stem cells can treat heart disease, bood vessel disease, can shrink brain cancer, and can heal other cancers and autoimmune disorders. They have a remarkable “homing” ability, an innate ability to migrate to the part of the body that is injured and needs repair, using primordial intelligence."


"This means that menstrual-blood cells can instinctively repair and regenerate almost any damaged body organs and tissues, and are now the centerpiece of an entirely new branch of healing that is called “regenerative medicine”. 


"Practically speaking, this means that every month menstruating women shed life-saving stem cells in their menstrual blood that, if collected, would potentially regrow their own heart, brain, or many other tissues if they were damaged. Or, even more astoundingly, it could reverse many of the effects of aging, providing a person the energy and vigor of someone much younger in physical years."


- Excerpt from “Womb Awakening” by Azra Bertrand M.D. & Seren Bertrand. p. 297 ‘Sacred Science of Menstrual Stem Cells’

Now, that facial mask doesn't seem so strange anymore, does it? ;)


Practical use

Knowing how healing our moon liquid is, here are some ways to use it practically. If you are completely new to this and feel some resistance, that is perfectly fine - by all means. If you are curious to establish a different connection with your blood you can start by just looking at it. Maybe touching it, feeling the structure, or smelling its scent. Everything at your own pace. I am not proclaiming here that every womxn should become a free bleeder dancing around her bottled blood under the full moon (would be fun though). It is my intention  to help you remember, with reverence, the quality you carry within. And that it is not something that should be shamed, rejected or suppressed. It is something to be proud of, something to honor in your very own way. 


Plant food

Plants love a bit of menstrual mix into their soil. It works very well as a fertilizer and growth enhancer for plants hanging a bit sadly.


Mother Earth

Just like Mother Earth provides us with everything we need to grow and sustain our lives, with all the nutrients and building blocks that make up our living, we have the chance to give back to her and nourish her in return. As menstrual blood is food for the soil and the plant world, giving it back creates a beautiful exchange with the Earth. Vibrationally womxn's wombs and the Earth are highly connected through frequency. Our wombs literally 'vibe' with the frequency of our planet. Isn't that magical? 

You can create your own intention setting ritual in nature. It's a beautiful way to connect to yourself and the Earth in an intimate, sacred, conscious way. 



Yoni Art

Feminine energy is creative energy. As your blood is a powerful substance to use intentionally, it is also a beautiful material to create with. A practice that I love and helps me connect to my feminine energy is to make a yoni painting. I just let my arm move over the paper, intuitively creating shapes and forms that only mean something to me, and show me what my feminine essence is about at that moment. It's like free writing, but with form, and a brush. I also make this intentional and create space for ritual and stillness to ground and sink deep into the primordial intelligence that is in my blood, in my moving hand hoovering over the paper. Often the forms and signs are like an oracle. Showing me what's stirring and ready to be birthed into life. 


Consciousness-altering and illuminating properties


There is one more type of use that I'd wish to cover, which I am writing down with much reverence to our blood's magical capabilities, that hopefully will be remembered again in love and innocence.


Its consciousness-altering properties.


Ancient myths of nearly every culture around the globe and modern science are since recently in agreement: There are around 1000 proteins that are biologically active in menstrual blood, in addition to the 385 unique menstrual proteins. Besides the hormones, neurotransmitters and other kinds of bioactive and psychoactive substances it makes menstrual blood a powerful form of plant spirit medicine. It can be experienced the same way as an ayahuasca journey. The proteins and peptides include cell stimulators that are neurologically active or alter sensory perception. Making womb fluids an entheogen (An entheogen is a psychoactive substance that induces alterations in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition or behavior, for the purpose of engendering spiritual development in sacred contexts. - The public health bush book, 2015).


Your personal ritual

If this depth of ritual speaks to you, I advise you to consciously create a sacred space for yourself. You can ingest your tea  infused with just a few (small) drops of moon fluid in stillness or meditation. You might experience the sensation of your awareness dropping to your heart and pelvic floor. Your awareness being activated yet soothed. And a deep knowing that whatever you wish to manifest in your life can be spelled out now, with the support of the life giving material you are connecting with.


And so it will be.


Anything in alignment with your inner truth will be. You might be surprised by the propelling speed that ritual (especially this one) makes your intentions come to life.


Ask yourself, 'does this benefit the greater good?'

'does this bring health and prosperity to all beings?'

'is it healing?'

'does it honor my medicine?'


Being in deep connection with Self this way will give you the answers from deep within.

In deep trust.


Feel free to copy these questions and take them with you.


Thank you for being here and respecting this vulnerable space, which I bring here from my heart to yours.


(picture via Thrive Global)


In honor of you, your blood, all life, Mother Earth & Father Sky,


Blessings on your womb journey.


As always, with Much Love,


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