The Power of the Pre-Menstrual Phase

Published on 17 June 2020 at 14:10


My inner fall (pre-menstrual week) is lush. Wait what? Yes. Read on, especially if you do NOT relate. 


Many womxn relate to their pre-menstrual week as a week of emotional outbursts, pains and 'PMS'. But once we understand what this vital phase of our cycle is all about we can gain an amount of ownership and self guidance that is THE hidden treasure of our cycle, if you'd ask me. 


Thanks to a full year of living life in introspection due to my burnout, I came to understand what the gifts are of this phase, the corresponding season and archetype. During this year of taking rest to heal from burnout I bled exactly at the last quarter moon each month. The moon phase that represents the autumn within. The phase of cleansing, of letting go. And also the phase of the wild, wise witch. 


My inner witch is amazing. she knows what she wants. she has zero feels to please. She takes rest without explaining herself in a tiring way to everyone. She is easily triggered and she knows why: her emotions are on the surface, as little wisdom bringers eager to be accepted, embraced and listened to. That's how she opens deeply to her heart and sinks in soft wisdom for herself and everyone around her. 


During my inner spring and summer phases (pre-ovulatory and ovulatory) I cannot reach the depth of this work and sink deep enough to perform the emotional alchemy that is ready at the surface. During the active, outgoing, expressive phases of inner spring and summer I am too busy out there in the world socializing, creating and moving around. It is the inner abyss of the autumn phase where my system naturally slows down and starts to whisper. It's where the magic happens.


Imagine the wild, wise woman after menopause that doesn't take shit anymore. After she travelled through her youth (inner spring) as a relentless risk taker, she embodied the sensual, nurturing mother (inner summer). Now she's arrived at the phase of contemplation. Looking back, leaning in. After gaining all the experiences earlier on in the cycle she's now ready to distinguish her own truth and relentlessly speaks that truth out in the world without fear of exclusion. Maya Angelou & Meryl Streep anyone??


My autumn is sexy, creative, wild and strong. My sentences shorter. My focus clearer. 


I found that PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) actually stands for Please Make Space. Because when space is made, there was no problem to begin with. Just being caught up in the rat race, perhaps. And any pains or unease faded away when I simply started listening to my body, so it doesn't have to scream anymore. When deepening my autumn phase I felt freed from the prison of expectations. Of everybody else's opinions. I couldn't have started this work if I didn't inhabit this vital phase of my personal cycle. And I wish the same for you. 


Much Love, Always

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