This is my Activism.

Published on 12 June 2020 at 17:53


During the Womb Awakening Women's retreat in France earlier this year I met an incredible woman from Denmark. She is running an NGO that works to support local partners and stigmatized youth in Lebanon and is also involved in volunteer work in her home country by working for and with minority groups and people who normally are placed in the margin of the society.


When I asked her what she does she said “I am an activist” with flickering Bambi eyes but the strength of a bizon army. 


She inspired me with her values, what she’s willing to strive for. 


And then I realised, sitting in front of a white board with last nights’ menstrual cycle workshop on it, “this is my activism”.


I believe that we can restore balance on earth by remembering the feminine principles and merging them with the gifts of the masculine. 


For me that starts with women understanding the mechanism that decides a major part of their lives. 


And then using it’s medicine. Because if we don't, we keep an immense power tool unused. 


I am not your typical 'angry activist' though. Because I am not angry anymore. Anger is an important force to feel, because it shows where our space has been taken. It shows us what matters to our hearts. And then we can find the courage to step up for what we believe in from a place of love.


And that is an unstoppable, inexhaustible force. 


With thanks to Sofie.


(check out the amazing work that she, together with the NGO, Zaher - Grow to Learn, and its partners do at  or at @zaher_growtolearn


Much Love, always,

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