Conscious Menstruation

Published on 29 June 2020 at 16:41

What is Conscious Menstruation?


Womb magic, or conscious menstruation, is using the phases of the feminine cycle for personal health, manifesting your dreams, spiritual awareness & living a balanced, fulfilling life. 


For thousands of years, womxn have known the power of their cycle and used it consciously for their own wellbeing and that of their communities. Since a patriarchal societal structure took over, this knowledge has been repressed and forgotten. Luckily, the cyclical, feminine wisdom is rising and finding its way back into our lives, restoring a much needed balance between the masculine and feminine values in our modern Western culture. 


Leadhership School creates tools and a safe space for womxn who want to learn more about conscious menstruation and connect with their inner power source with the support of a like-minded community.




Our menstrual cycles make sure we regenerate each month / moon cycle, so we can create life physically and energetically. This means that the womb is not only there for baby-making, but for any projects or desires in general. Yes, you are carrying a powerful manifestation matrix within!



Whereas men are more attuned to the Sun and perform on a similar level each day, womxn are attuned to the Moon and go through 4 weekly stages of hormonal, emotional, mental and physical spheres. This influences womxn's thinking, motivation, focus, sex drive, social needs and much more...



How do you relate to your cycle? is it a 'biological inconvenience'? Or something you cherish? A barrier between you and your partner? Or you and your work life? Do you remember your first menstruation and how you were informed about it? 


What we learn, think and believe about our cycle has an effect on all levels of our being. Womxn who understand the intelligence and function of their regenerative body cycle experience more balance physically, emotionally and spiritually.



In our 24/7/365 Western society we often seek structure in order to sense that we have a grip on our lives. Do you sometimes feel like you are managing your life, instead of living it? The feminine cycle offers a blueprint in which we go through 4 phases that give us a natural structure on which we can flow! Without effort or need to control. This regenerative life force energy is always there. In our bodies, in the waxing and waning of the moon and in the seasons of nature (that we are inherently part of as humans)... Knowing how and when this system repeats itself in relation to our own body offers us a foundation we can relax into. 




Do you have personal questions about your cycle that you rather discuss in an intimate setting? During a 1:1 Cycle Coaching session we dive deep into your cyclical health and well being. 



Thank you for being here,


Much Love


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