Self Care Circle for Endometriosis Sisters

Published on 22 June 2020 at 15:45


The Hague 


I know I am out here celebrating womxn’s cycles, but that the cycle is not a party for everyone. For some it is a downright battle without satisfying answers from the medical world.


I know I am very privileged to have access to health care (best policlinic in NL at the Bronovo Hospital in The Hague) and resources that helped me heal from endometriosis.


I also think that this shouldn’t be a priviledge. This should be basic health care. Accessible for all.


“If endo would have been a men’s dis-ease, we would have had a cure by now” - one of my doctors.


1 in 8 (!) womxn suffer from endometriosis, besides so many with dis-ease around the reproductive organs, like PCOS, PMDD.. infertility rates haven’t been this high in history - ever.


I’ve been there. I’ve been desperate. I’ve been lost and I’ve given up many times. I want you to know that as well.


When I couldn’t sink deeper and got out of a pain attack that broke me to pieces on a new level, something switched. It felt I had nothing to loose.


I surrendered to a different path. A path of not knowing. Luckily with amazing mentors and books along the way. The journey I was about to embark on was a lonely one, since I didn’t know other womxn personally with whom I could talk who tried a similar way. Nor could I find similar ‘success stories’ online.


This path healed me. I’m saying healed and not cured because even science is still in development when it comes to endometriosis. There are still many conflicting theories about the disease and most gyn’s don’t even recognize it. It takes 10 years on average before womxn with endo get a diagnosis.


Fact is that all my symptoms disappeared. At times I can still have a heavy period with cramps (depending on what’s going on in my life) but it is not endo pain. I know the difference now. And my endo didn’t grow, but diminished over the course of two years. That is considered a little miracle. Medically speaking it’s ‘inactive’ or ‘healed’.


I’m not saying my way will cure everyone. That would be foolish. Especially womxn with stage 3-4 of endo might need additional care. For some surgery is the best treatment available (and in some cases life-saving). There is no wrong way- we’re all learning. We all need more research, better informed GP’s and specialists and more positive stories of womxn who found healing in a way that suits them.


For me that was connecting with my womb space, living in tune with my hormonal cycle and serious self care on all levels (relationships, work, diet, sleep, movement, time in nature..). I needed to hear my own voice again. That voice deep within. And heal the experiences that were stored there.


Call it energetic, call it spiritual.. sometimes I feel we give names to the very same thing from different perspectives. It’s still the same thing. And sometimes we call things spiritual when we cannot explain them yet.


I just want you to know that I am here making my way available for other womxn in the best possible that way I can. If I can soothe the period of 1 other and support in the connection with her body, I am grateful.


Since I got so many messages in my inbox from womxn with endometriosis I am planning a womxn’s circle in July especially for them. The theme will be about Self Care and I will share my personal healing journey. More info about this circle will be posted here soon. If you feel this is what you need, send me a message at and I’ll put you on the attendance list.


Much Love sister,


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