Reminders of the feminine

Published on 25 June 2020 at 20:12


Revisiting diary notes - feminine principles as a reminder to self (love).


STILLNESS | Many things solve themselves along the way. Solutions are often in the space that you are allowed to take. When in doubt stop for a minute. You have the right to say ‘I’ll get back to you later’. The answer is usually in your heart and belly.


SLOWNESS | Take time to process what you experience. No need to fill up time for the sake of filling up time. Create space to wander and your brain will create cool stuff from your experiences. There is so much value in them that you only see when you s l o w d o w n …




SUPPORT | We never walk alone. You don’t have to believe that you do. You are held. There is so much support around you. Always. In suspected and unsuspected ways. In visible and invisible ways. The more you trust the easier you recognize support when it is offered to you.


SOFTNESS | This is where you’ll find your strength. In the vulnerable, open spaces that you’ll offer more and more to the world whenever you are ready. In your own way. In your own pace.



SWEETNESS | Indulge. period. See, smell, hear, taste the moment. Let it fill you. Allow, receive. When you run to the finish line fast (to avoid real presence with all that is) you’ll arrive exhausted and unfulfilled. Joy is a birthright.


SENSUALITY | No need to be afraid of your sensuality. You’re safe, you’re loved, you’re protected. Your sensual energy births beauty and medicine in this world and it is so welcome. You are worthy in all your beauty. You are entitled to take up space. You are allowed to be powerful. You are allowed to shine. 


📷 captured by the lovely @roosanaloog

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